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Discover New Indore at Khandwa road

      Khandwa road is the most scenic and green area around Indore with lush green, teak forests, ghats and natural waterfalls. It is also one of the best maintained highways in the state. The Vrindavan is located on main 75 mtr Khandwa Road. The location is well developed with several clubs, recreation spots, Engineering colleges and management institutes around Vrindavan. Indore has a rich history of education excellence. Daly College has just completed its 108 years in Indore. Indore has over 32 institutions of higher education most of them are located on Khandwa road. The list of honour has been topped with IIM and now IIT. This brings thousands of students each year to Indore. They come from all parts of the world. Indore grows with the growth of education. Which makes indore global educational hub.

Key features Khandwa road :

Educational Hub - About 31 Engineering and management colleges are already existing and more than 26 colleges are proposed at same vicinity.
Most greenish & Fastest developing area in Indore.
IIT on Khandwa road has ramped up the speed of development at khandwa road.
Best tourist destination of Indore and suburbs with maximum nos. of resorts.
One step local transport like Indore CITY bus and khandwa bus service is frequently available.

Quality Development

      Vrindavan is being developed to world class specifications. The entire colony is secured with high boundry walls and also features a 'security-aware' main entrance. The roads are of concrete and flood lit with modern street light systems. The colony has captive water supply with overhead water reservoir. An efficient drainage system and storm drains ensure that you will enjoy rains just as they should be.

Site Address :

KH NO - 484/2, 488/1,488/2, 488/3/2/2, 477, 478, 487/2, 488/1/2 | Village - Datoda | Tahsil - Mhow | District - Indore

Layout Area Statement :

1. Total land area 82420.00 sq. mtr.
2. Plotted Area 50345.00 sq. mtr.
3. Commercial area 1736.00 sq. mtr.
4. Park Area 8242.00 sq. mtr.
5. EWS Plot area 2271.00 sq. mtr.
6. Road area 19521.00 sq. mtr.
7. TF, St, OHT area 305.00 sq. mtr.

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